CODE OF ETHICS of the member of the Slovak Association of Facillity Management

The Code of Ethics is a summary of the moral requirements and rules which take the form of standards, principles and ideals by which each member of the organization should be governed, as well as the organization as a whole in relation to its external and internal environment. The task of the code is therefore to guide the conduct of all members, as well as the organization as a whole. It is a declaration concerning the behavior, perceptions and actions of all members who undertake to respect ethical principles in all areas and activities of the Slovak Association of Facility Management (hereinafter SAFM).

The purpose of this document is to set clear expectations that every individual should be aware on how to behave ethically at all times. The Code is intended to strengthen trust and mutual respect between those who are members or representatives of SAFM and in relation to the external environment.

Scope of application:

The Code of Ethics applies to all natural and legal persons within SAFM. It also covers individuals who act on behalf of SAFM or perform any position in SAFM. Individuals applying for membership in SAFM must explicitly give their consent to abide by the rules and regulations governing the association, which also includes this Code of Ethics. Members undertake that they will also comply with all the similar standards and ethical guidelines that are prescribed by their employer.


SAFM members are obliged to behave with dignity and respect to each other and to the external environment during negotiations, public appearances and on matters that could affect their professional reputation. All members accept that the profession in the field of facility management will be judged by the behavior of individual members.

Code of Ethics of a SAFM member

1. General principles
2. Criteria of conduct3. Implementation procedures

1. General principles

1.1 Impartiality
1.2 Integrity
1.3 Confidentiality

Representatives and members of SAFM try to deal fairly with other members, competitors and business partners. The priority principles of SAFM are to create, maintain and develop relations based on good manners and trust with all persons, their associations and institutions, with which it enters into business, non-commercial, and civil relations, administrative and public relations, or which will or may be affected by their activities.

2. Criteria of conduct:

2.1 Unethical conduct in the performance of activities contrary to good morals in trading or non-trading relations compromises the trust in relations between the members and the interested parties. Unethical conduct in the performance of activities discredits the authority and human dignity and has a negative impact on their confidence. Unethical behavior is considered to be the efforts of anyone, individual, authority or organization, to obtain benefits from someone else by abusing their powers, which creates hostility towards corporate entities.

2.2 The good name and reputation of SAFM members are an essential intangible asset and the aim of their activities in the corporate and public environments. In the indoor environment they contribute to the fact that decisions are taken and implemented without conflicts and excessive exercise of power. Members and representatives are responsible for reporting to the President or any member of the Board of SAFM regarding any activities of individuals or companies – members of SAFM, which in their view are contrary to the Code of Ethics of SAFM.

3. Implementation procedures

The SAFM Board is committed to follow standard procedures for the enforcement of this Code. It monitors the initiatives aimed at increasing awareness and understanding of the Code of Ethics. It accepts and analyzes the communications of cases of violation of the Code of Ethics and suggests ways of addressing them.