About us

The Slovak Association of Facility Management was founded in Bratislava in 2009. Its establishment was a response to increasing demands regarding the application of facility management in organizations. SAFM is a sponsor of the quality of facility management in Slovakia.


The Slovak Association of Facility Management is a civil association for the development of free cooperation on a nonprofit partnership basis both between the members and between members and sympathizers of FM. 


The association brings together natural and legal persons and it is based on the principle of equality, voluntariness and equal partnership of members. 


Our mission

Slovak Association of Facility Management performs, initiates, creates and supports systematic education and training of facility managers.


Equality of the position of members in the association guarantees equal access to information for everyone. SAFM ensures the exchange of information, experience and know-how among experts on international level, in the framework of partner branches in other countries and other relevant professional organizations of a national and international character.


The association represents and promotes the interests of association members towards the state authorities and local governments as well as towards the National Council of the Slovak Republic in the framework of law-making, generally binding legal acts and other documents in the field of facility management. SAFM crucially affects the coordination of the legislative process in the European Union and develops its partnerships through the EuroFM international network.