FM DAYS 2021


8:00 – 8:25 OPENING

Silvia Nagyová president Slovak Association of Facility Management

Come and hear new topics of Slovak and foreign experts. Through lectures, we will introduce you to innovative industrial solutions, interesting product innovations and provide the latest information from the FM environment. During the conference, you also have space for personal meetings with key business partners or clients.

FM and work environment

FM in practice

Speaker: Martin Winkler founder of Willio

He founded several successful companies, including the popular Hopin Taxi application, which digitizes transport services in several markets, and Wilio, in which he utilized the many years of business and application development experience. Today, the Wilio international digital platform has tens of thousands of users and is transforming the market with services for the segment of houses, flats, constructions and gardens, not only in Slovakia but also in other countries.

Presentation: Digitization of traditional services – Wilio

Wilio is a reliable online platform that gives companies the opportunity to streamline and increase competitiveness in facility management. It facilitates the provision of maintenance and improvement buildings, the cleaning of workplaces, the security of buildings as well as ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations. Wilio will make it easier for you to choose reliable suppliers to provide the services needed to optimize the workplace and support all aspects of the business.

FM and Technologies

Program and date subject to change





Number of participants: 100 – 150
All executive positions in companies, especially in the field of finance and support.
    Experts from relevant fields present their latest findings and developments. We introduce you innovating industrial solutions and products and we provide you with the latest information from the field of facility management. During the conference you have a great opportunity to meet in person the key business partners and clients.
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